Bernida Cash Register

Want a cash register app which works perfectly for your small business?

Why don't you have a look at the Bernida Cash Register app and test some of its functions?

Bernida Cash Register app offers you a quick and convenient checkout process as well as manage your inventory, your sales, your staff and customers effectively.

Features Product

  • Product search: Quickly add products to the sale by typing in keywords into Search box or using the barcode scanning button.
  • Sort products by name/ price/ date added.
  • Apply Discounts: apply discount directly to all the items in an order or to specific items only.
  • Take Payments: allow more than one payment method for an order, accept gift cards. Email or print receipts for customers.
  • Add products information (name, price, category, quantity, unit, barcode and a picture)
  • Email or print an Inventory report.
  • Allow to import/export products information into the app.
  • Review order transactions history and view in details an order. Email or print it.
  • Search for any transaction.
  • Sort the list of transactions by time/name
  • Allow return/refund an item in a customer's order, restock item.
  • Track uncompleted orders.
  • Track deleted orders (see which orders are deleted and who deleted them).
  • Keep an eye on your daily transactions.
  • Provide a summary on sales based on some filters (time, categories, payments, customers, items or salespersons).
  • Includes different report types: Overview report, Hourly/ Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly report, Finance report, Inventory report, Z report
  • Generates a chart showing the evolution of your finances over time.
  • Email or print report.
    Track customers
  • Create customer accounts with the name, email, address, and birthday.
  • Track their purchase history, send email receipts or promotions to them.
    Manage Users
  • Create Admin account and individual accounts for your staff.
  • Customize permissions to restrict what users can see and do.
  • Keep track of their working hours as well as their performance.
    Manage Suppliers
  • Add suppiers (name, phone, email, address, their products)
  • Create purchase order, import products purchased from suppliers into Inventory.
  • View purchase history (view receipt in details).
    Manage Discount events/ Promo codes/ Gift cards
  • Running discounts and promotions with details of conditions, apply different discount types.
  • Create gift cards, buy and redeem them.
  • Track them easily, email/print or delete.
    Backup/ Restore
  • Data backup/restore feature to keep data safe (manually and Auto)
    General information
  • Store information, Security, Currency & tax rate, number format, payment methods, Printer settings, app appearance.
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