Bernida Cams Viewer FAQs

How many cameras can I add into the app?

You can add as many cameras as you want. But the Maximum number of cameras you can view at the same time in Matrix View is 16.

How to add my IP camera into the app?

At the bottom tab bar, Touch the third icon from the left (Manage Cameras list) > Tap the (+) button.
You have to specify your camera name,ip address/url, port, username, password, camera brand and model.
If you don't know the brand or model of your camera, please select "Unknown" tab, our software will automatically detect and show you a list of compatible cameras. This method may not be able to detect all the features of your cameras (i.e: Pan, tilt, zoom, ...)

My camera is not supported. Can you add support for it?

You can try "Auto Scan" feature to find the the similar similar for your cameras:Go to Add camera page, input camera information as normally, in Brand section, tap Auto Scan.
In case you cannot find the similar models for your camera or that model does not work perfectly with your cameras (i.e: bad quality, missing control buttons, audio,...), please email our support team with the following information:
+ Camera Brand and Model
+ IP address and Port number
+ Username and Password
Our engineers will be able to test and release updated driver for your new cameras as soon as possible.

How to Control camera ?

For Android app:
- At Matrix view, double tap on the camera you want to control.
- Touch screen to show menu > Select Control button.
- The app will show you all control buttons (left, right, up, down,…), now you can control your camera.
- To hide control buttons, touch the screen again.
For iOS app:
- At Matrix view, double tap on the camera you want to control.
- Touch screen to show all control buttons and start to control your camera.

How to view camera in Matrix view?

After you added camera into the app successfully, you need to show it in the app.
Fastest way: At Matrix View screen, tap any [+] button on screen, select a camera from the dropdown list to add it to Matrix View.
Other way: Go to Camera List, tap a camera from the list > tap "Select Camera" to show it to Matrix View.

What "Edit mode" can do at Matrix View?

To enable edit mode: At the bottom tab bar, touch the second icon (from the left). With this feature turned on, 4 buttons will appear on each of camera screen, it allows you change/edit/setup motion detection/remove camera from Matrix View:
Change camera: Replace the current camera with other camera from the list.
Edit camera: camera's connection information (name, url, port,...)
Motion detection: enable/disable motion detection, you can set a range of options relating to motion detection.
Remove camera: Remove the camera from Matrix View.

How to rearrange camera at Matrix View?

Touch and hold your finger on the camera you want to change position until other cameras become blurred.
Drag and drop the camera to a new location. You can rearrange them in whatever order you want.

How to remove a camera from Matrix View?

The fastest way to remove camera is to touch and hold your finger on that camera until a Bin icon appears at the bottom of screen. Drag and drop the icon to the Bin.

I don't know how to view a camera at full screen

At Matrix View, double tap on that camera to view it at Full Screen View.
Double tap again to exit Screen View and go back Matrix View.

What can I do with the camera when it's at Full Screen View?

When you view a camera at full screen, there are the following buttons at the bottom tab bar:
Go back Matrix view
Show/hide control buttons: Tap it to show all control buttons and then you can control your camera as you want (i.e:pan, tilt, zoom, presets, Focus, Light,...)
Take SnapShot
Record video: Your video will be saved in Video section (Video section is located in Matrix View)
Motion detection: enable/disable motion detection, you can also set up the sensitivity and threshold, decide what action you want taken when the event happens (take snapshot or record video).
Speaker & Microphone: one way or two way audio on supported models.

How to edit camera or delete it permanently from the camera list?

Go to Camera List, tap that camera > select Edit or Delete.
The fastest way to delete: from the cameras list, swipe left on the camera you want to delete > select Delete.

My cameras work with local WiFi connection, but cannot access them from mobile network. What should I do?

You need to setup port forwarding on your router. Port forwarding forwards all traffic from your private camera to external network.
All cameras must be configured to be visible from outside your network before you can access the cameras via the phone.
Please read your router manual or contact your system network administrator.
You can also review the detailed guides on
If your IP addresses have been changed regularly. You can register a free DDNS service to get fixed domain name.

I don't see the Record/Control button at Matrix View. How do I find them?

We do not support record function for multiple cameras at the same time.
You can only find the record or control button at Full Screen View (view only 1 camera on a screen).

My camera is mounted upside down. When I try to pan right it pains left and up it goes down and vice versa.

Go to edit camera page > Advanced options > Turn Invert pan/Invert tilt On.

Does your app support audio function (one way or two way audio)?

Currently we support audio feature for several models. So if you don't see audio feature in our app, it means our app does not support audio for your camera. In this case, please contact our support team and we will try our best to help.

I am using the free version. What will I get if I buy the full version?

When using free version, you still have functions such as: PTZ control, preset call, audio.(If you miss these functions, it could be that our app has not supported these functions for your camera model).
Full version includes additional features: No Ads, Motion detection, Snapshot, Record.

How I update new drivers/models for the app?

At Matrix View, tap Settings icon to go to Configurations page > tap "Check camera models" to update new camera models.

I want to record video directly to device's Photo. How?

At Matrix View, tap Settings icon to go to Configurations page > At "Save video in", select "device's Photo".

How can I export and import camera information on DropBox?

At Matrix View, tap Settings icon to go to Configurations page> select Link Dropbox> login your DropBox account to link Bernida Cams Viewer app to your DropBox account.
Tap "Backup camera list" to upload a camera information backup file to DropBox.
Tap "Restore camera list"> select a backup file from DropBox to restore camera information to your app.

Bernida Dash Cam FAQs

1. I noticed a broken square at top of the side icons in the recording screen. What's this for?

That's the feature named "Focus".
- The Focus button located on the left side: This help you turn between 2 modes: continuous focus and once focus. The broken square with the circle inside is continuous focus, and the broken square without circle inside is once focus.
- To select a focus point: Touch any place on screen where you want to be in focus (you will see the focus icon appears on that point). Touch again to make it disappear and turn into auto focus mode.

2. Can this app record two cameras at once?

The app does not support recording by two cameras at once.

3. I want to have black screen option while I am recording.

- You can make the screen black manually by tapping the circle grey button at the recording screen (above the Record button).
- If you want to turn to black screen automatically, go to Settings tab > Turn on the feature "Turn off monitor while driving", screen will be black automatically when the car is running.

4. I purchased the full version but am not able to take advantage of the family sharing feature for the upgrade.

We are sorry to say that Family Sharing does not work with in-app purchase.
You can refer to this article to know What you can't share with Family Sharing:

5. How to record with the audio

- Make sure that you already enable microphone permissions for Dash Cam app. (Go to Settings app > select Dash Cam > Turn Microphone On.
- On recording screen on Dash Cam app, Tap the Microphone button to enable or disable audio recording.

6. What is quality of the video recorded by the app?

The app has the following resolutions: High, Medium, Low, 480p, 720p
+High: recording with the Maximum resolution allowed on your phone. This varies per device.
+Medium: Suitable for Wi-Fi sharing.
+Low: recording with the low resolution allowed on your phone. Suitable for 3G sharing.
+640x480: VGA.
+1280x720: 720p HD.
Normally, video files with higher resolutions have a bigger file size, so you should record with a lower quality to save space.

7. How to use turn by turn directions?

Tap the Map icon on the recording screen, search for a destination > Select > get turn by turn directions while you are recording.

8. Would it be possible to have dash cam running in the background recording while I use an app like Waze?

Waze is a navigation app so it can run in the background. However iOS does not allow recording in background. Therefore, the recording will stop when you open other app.

9. Does it record Speed? And can this be turned off?

Yes, the app always shows speed, but you cannot turn it off.

10. Speed does not work.

The app calculates speed using GPS connection. So speed won't work unless you turn on Location Services (go to iPhone's Settings app > select Dash Cam app> at Location, select "While using the app"

11. How do I upload dash cam video to Google?

Make sure that "Google Drive + Youtube" is turned ON. (go to Settings tab > Turn it ON, login your Google Drive)
Open videos list. Select the video you want to upload > Upload to Google Drive. Wait until the upload process is finished.
Do the same steps for Uploading on Box Drive/ Dropbox

12. How to upload video as publish on Youtube?

Make sure that "Upload video as publish on Youtube" is turned ON. (go to Settings tab > Turn it ON)
Open videos list. Select the video you want to upload > Upload to Youtube. Wait until the upload process is finished.
Open Youtube app on your iPhone > Library > My videos> you will see the dash cam video you have just uploaded to.

13. When uploading videos to Dropbox, can you set that to only upload while on WIFI?

The app only allows upload manually ( you select file and upload to Dropbox by yourself).

14. Do your app have Auto record feature?

Our app supports Auto Record feature when your car starts to move. It named "Record while driving". You can enable this feature by going to Settings tab > Turn ON "Record while driving").
Please note that with this feature turned On, the app starts recording when you start driving and stop recording when you stop your car.

15. With "Record While Driving" turned on, you may not record activities that happen while stopped at an intersection"! I would rather it start when I start driving and does not stop recording at an intersection.

If you don't want the app to stop recording at an intersection stop sign, we also have additional option: Continue to record with the time range set in loop recording even your car stops.

16. What does "Turn off monitoring while driving" mean?

With this feature turned ON, the screen will be black automatically while your car is running.

17. I want to adjust screen brightness

At the Home page, please tap the grey button (the button above the Record button), and then drag the brightness bar next to grey button to adjust the screen brightness.

18. How do I delete video?

- Tap Play tab (at the bottom of screen) to open the videos list.
- To delete a video, swipe left on the video you want to delete > Delete.
- Delete multiple videos: Tap Select > select the videos you want > Action > Delete.
- To delete all videos: Go to Settings tab> tap Delete All Videos > Agree > type "delete" > Yes.

19. Not sure what does the threshold mean?

Threshold is a specific value so that the app detects impact (a car accident) (this value is used to Auto-lock video file on impact and Record on impact). Please drag the slider to set the appropriate threshold.
- If you are not sure which threshold value you should choose for detecting impact, Threshold Test will help you test the level of impact you want and then determine a relevant value for Threshold: drag back to 1.0 before testing, make a shake to the phone and then it will determine a relevant value. The Threshold value depends on how much strength of impact you want to use for locking or recording video automatically.
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